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Mesa Verde
A Fine Burrito Bar

Proudly Serving Greenfield Massachusetts




Contact Us

Amy McMahan & Jennifer Dewitt
Phone: 413-772-2531


Our Hours

Open for Lunch & Dinner
Monday thru Saturday
11:30 A.M. - 9:00 P.M.
Phone: 413-772-2531

Wireless Internet Available




Accidentally stumbled upon this place during a long drive down from Burlington, VT to NYC. I was never expecting to find such great Mexican food in the middle of Massachusetts. The Spicy Chorizo Burrito was the best I've ever had. Everything in the chicken taco was SO fresh and the guac was simple yet delicious. It looks like they converted it from an old church of some sort, so don't be surprised by the fact that you're sitting in a pew. All in all, I'd make another stop if I were anywhere in the area.

-Dave (A Happy Customer)